Thomas Serval

Thomas Serval from Baracoda

Thomas Serval: Baracoda’s French Health Accelerator Transforms the Bathroom into an In-Home Healthcare Hub with IoT Innovation

Thomas Serval, CEO, and founder of Baracoda, embarked on a diverse career path that transitioned from academia to entrepreneurship, with notable stints at tech giants Microsoft and Google. However, his foray into health tech was inspired by personal experience when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. This pivotal moment prompted him to redirect his focus towards leveraging technology for meaningful applications in healthcare.

Journey into Health Tech

Thomas’s career commenced in academia, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for innovation. After selling his first company, Thomas Serval explored the realms of IoT and device innovation, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. His tenure at Microsoft and Google provided valuable insights into the technological landscape and the regulatory challenges inherent in the field. Personal experiences drove Thomas to prioritize ventures with a health-centric focus, recognizing both the potential for innovation and the regulatory barriers that accompany technological advancements in healthcare.

Introduction to Care OS

Baracoda’s flagship product, Care OS, represents a culmination of Thomas’s journey into health tech. Initially, the company gained traction through innovative IoT solutions. However, it was the success of a connected toothbrush for children that laid the foundation for Care OS.

Care OS emerged from the realization that consumers desired digital services in their bathrooms. However, consumers were apprehensive about compromising their privacy. It provides a privacy-centric platform for smart mirrors and screens in the bathroom. A mirror that ensures users can access digital services without sacrificing their privacy. The platform incorporates gesture and voice commands for navigation, catering to users’ convenience even when their hands are occupied. Care OS offers a range of services, including dental care reminders, makeup assistance, and meditation prompts, tailored to meet individual user needs.

Features and Functionality of Care OS

Care OS facilitates the creation of an interconnected ecosystem of devices in the bathroom, enabling comprehensive health monitoring and data collection. The platform discerns user intent and delivers relevant services, fostering a personalized and intuitive user experience. It ensures accessibility for users of all ages and abilities, promoting inclusivity in its design and functionality.

Privacy and Security Measures

Baracoda prioritizes data privacy and security, ensuring that user data remains confidential and under their control. Care OS complies with GDPR regulations, empowering users to manage their data consent preferences effortlessly. User data is stored locally on the device. That minimizes the risk of privacy breaches and ensures uninterrupted use, even without an internet connection.

Expansion into Healthcare

While initially focused on wellness and beauty applications, Baracoda envisions Care OS as a central hub for health monitoring and telemedicine. Care OS’s capability for long-term data collection positions it as a valuable tool for tracking health trends and facilitating early interventions. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of telemedicine and remote monitoring, underscoring the relevance and timeliness of Baracoda’s healthcare initiatives.

Medical Device Innovations

Baracoda has developed medical device applications on the Care OS platform. Such as a smart bath mat embedded with a scale for easy weight monitoring. These devices promote good habits while minimizing user anxiety by providing relevant information without overwhelming details. The accuracy and reliability of these devices contribute to a positive user experience, fostering regular health monitoring habits.


Thomas Serval’s journey into health tech, coupled with Baracoda’s development of the Care OS platform, represents a significant stride towards transforming healthcare delivery. From privacy-centric interfaces to comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, Care OS epitomizes the fusion of technology and healthcare innovation. As Baracoda continues to expand its healthcare offerings, the potential for connected devices to empower individuals in managing their health from the comfort of their homes becomes increasingly evident.