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Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Connected Devices: A Conversation with Withings Founder Eric Carreel

Join host Inga Bergen as she explores Eric Carreel’s journey and vision for transforming healthcare through innovative technology and personalized health solutions. In this episode of Visionaries of Health, host Inga Bergen interviews Eric Carreel, Founder & President of Withings, a company renowned for its cutting-edge health technology products. Eric Carreel shares insights into the entrepreneurial voyage that led to the establishment of Withings and its mission to revolutionize healthcare through connected devices.

Empowering Individuals

The conversation delves into Withings’ goal of empowering individuals to take charge of their health. They do so by offering continuous monitoring and facilitating access to appropriate healthcare professionals. Carreel discusses the company’s evolution from its inception as a creator of connected devices to its current focus on longitudinal health data and tailored health recommendations.

Highlighting the significance of user-friendly design, Carreel emphasizes the role of physical devices in fostering consistent usage among users. He stresses the importance of long-term data collection in comprehending health trends and enabling proactive healthcare interventions.

More innovations to come

The dialogue also explores Withings’ latest innovation. the urine test kit, designed to furnish personalized health insights and recommendations based on urine analysis. Eric Carreel elucidates how this device aligns with Withings’ broader strategy of providing comprehensive health monitoring solutions.

Healthcare markets: US vs. Europe

Furthermore, the conversation delves into the disparities between healthcare markets in the US and Europe, touching upon reimbursement models and regulatory hurdles. Carreel elaborates on Withings’ strategy of catering to both self-paying consumers and reimbursed healthcare systems to maximize its impact.

Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into Withings’ endeavor to transform healthcare through innovative technology and personalized health solutions, showcasing its journey and vision for the future.

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