Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas, the Clinical Director of Google Health in Europe.

Google’s Healthcare Frontier: Susan Thomas Reveals Strategies and Insights

In this episode of the Visionaries of Healthcare podcast, host Inga Bergen interviews Susan Thomas, the Clinical Director of Google Health in Europe. Susan shares insights into her journey from clinical medicine to healthcare consulting and eventually to Google Health. She discusses Google’s role in shaping the future of healthcare. In addition, she focuses on consumer-centric approaches, as well as authoritative health content and the role of healthcare influencers. Furthermore, she gives insights into personalization of healthcare content, and the impact of AI in healthcare initiatives.

Introduction to Susan Thomas and Her Journey to Google Health

Susan Thomas is a medical doctor by training. She shares her career journey from clinical practice to healthcare consulting and eventually joining Google Health as the Clinical Director for Europe. Motivated by the opportunity to make a significant impact on health systems and individuals’ health through innovative products, Susan embraces her role at Google Health.

Consumer-Centric Approach in Healthcare

Susan discusses Google’s mission to make information accessible and useful for billions of people, including in healthcare. Additionally, she highlights the importance of accurate and up-to-date health information on platforms like YouTube and wearables. If there is qualitative content, it empowers individuals to take control of their health. Google’s initiatives focus on providing authoritative health content and personalized experiences to meet users’ diverse needs.

Quality Control and Healthcare Content Consumption Trends

In addressing the challenge of quality control in healthcare content, Susan emphasizes Google’s efforts to partner with reputable organizations and healthcare professionals. That’s to ensure the reliability of health information on platforms like YouTube. She acknowledges the rising trend of individuals seeking healthcare information online. And she acknowledges the role of healthcare influencers in delivering engaging and informative content to diverse audiences.

Personalization of Healthcare Content

Susan explores the potential of personalization in healthcare content, especially in managing long-term conditions like hypertension. By tailoring interventions and prompts to individuals’ preferences, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds, Google aims to improve engagement and outcomes in managing health conditions effectively.

AI in Healthcare Initiatives

Discussing the transformative role of AI in healthcare, Susan highlights Google’s bold and responsible approach to developing AI models for various applications, including predictive diagnostics like screening mammography for cancer detection. She emphasizes the importance of collaboration and partnership in leveraging AI to drive positive healthcare outcomes.

This podcast episode provides valuable insights into Google’s multifaceted approach. An approach to shaping the future of healthcare. Starting from promoting consumer-centric approaches to leveraging AI for predictive diagnostics and personalized interventions. Furthermore, Susan Thomas’s expertise and passion for healthcare innovation offer listeners a compelling exploration of the intersection between technology and healthcare delivery.

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