Hannes Kloepper

Hannes Kloepper

Understanding DIGA and Digital Healthcare in Germany: Insights from Hannes Klöpper, CEO of HelloBetter

In this insightful podcast episode, Inga Bergen engages in a comprehensive discussion with Hannes Kloepper, the CEO of HelloBetter, a leading German scale-up specializing in digital therapeutics for mental health. Hannes Kloepper, an esteemed expert in the field, provides valuable insights into the landscape of digital healthcare, with a particular focus on Germany’s regulatory framework for digital health applications (DIGA).

Exploring DIGA and Regulatory Processes in Germany

Hannes sheds light on the significance of DIGA, which stands for “Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen,” and elucidates the intricate regulatory process these digital therapeutic applications undergo to seamlessly integrate into Germany’s healthcare system. With HelloBetter boasting a robust portfolio of six approved DIGAs, five of which are permanently listed, Hannes offers a nuanced understanding of the complexities involved in obtaining regulatory approval and navigating the digital healthcare landscape.

Challenges and Acceptance of DIGAs

Despite initial hurdles, Hannes discusses the accelerated adoption of DIGAs by both healthcare professionals and patients. However, he acknowledges the intricacies involved in the prescription and activation process, emphasizing the need for streamlined procedures to enhance accessibility and utilization of these digital therapeutics.

Navigating the Role of Statutory Health Insurance

Hannes delves into the evolving role of statutory health insurance companies in Germany, noting a shift towards more stringent reimbursement policies, particularly concerning DIGAs. He highlights the paradoxical nature of insurers critiquing DIGAs for purported shortcomings while endorsing alternative offerings that may not meet requisite safety and efficacy standards.

Global Landscape and Expansion Prospects

The conversation extends beyond Germany’s borders, encompassing the global landscape of digital therapeutics adoption. Hannes elaborates on the regulatory frameworks and adoption trends observed in countries such as France, Austria, South Korea, Japan, and the UK, offering valuable comparative insights.

Focus of HelloBetter and Future Outlook

While HelloBetter primarily concentrates on Germany and France, Hannes elucidates the potential for expansion into other regions, albeit not currently prioritized. Hannes Kloepper emphasizes the critical interplay between regulatory environments, business models, and innovation in driving the successful integration of digital therapeutics into healthcare systems globally.

In conclusion, this podcast episode provides a comprehensive exploration of DIGA and the evolving landscape of digital healthcare in Germany and beyond. Through the expertise and insights shared by Hannes Klöpper, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and future prospects shaping the realm of digital therapeutics, with HelloBetter at the forefront of innovation.

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