Aline Gómez-Acebo

Aline Gómes Acebo

– Journey from Passion to Sustainability in a Tech-Infused Era

Impactful Healthcare Transformation

Aline Gómez-Acebo, CEO of ENIAX and Chief Sustainability Officer at ASISA, shares her journey from psychology to healthcare, emphasizing her passion for transformation and technology integration.

ASISA’s Sustainability Initiatives

ASISA, Spain’s largest health insurer, focuses on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) pillars. Aline Gómez-Acebo discusses sustainability strategies, stakeholder engagement, and collaborative efforts across departments.

Sustainability Project and LCA

An example of a claim management project using AI is presented, aligning with environmental goals. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is employed to measure sustainability impacts, emphasizing the broader aspects beyond the environment.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency

Sustainability initiatives aim to be cost-effective, with Aline providing specific savings figures. Digitizing processes, like claim vouchers, contributes to efficiency, cost reduction, and overall sustainability. Aline explains ENIAX’s role in digital transformation, collaborating with ASISA. The startup’s solutions enhance ASISA’s sustainability by streamlining processes and reducing paper usage.

Impact of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, including AI, positively impacts cost reduction, service improvement, and overall sustainability in healthcare. While acknowledging challenges in sustainability measurement, Aline expresses optimism about benefits, including client satisfaction and ethical governance improvements. Challenges of Transformation: Aline discusses challenges in transforming financial departments and the advantages of a start-up mentality in large corporations.

Human-to-Human Connection for Change

Aline emphasizes the significance of human connections in driving change. Furthermore, she shares her experience and the need for a passionate and collaborative approach. And continues to discuss her vision for bringing humanity back to healthcare, while she emphasies the role of technology and the positive impact of AI-driven virtual assistants.

Sustainability in Healthcare

Aline touches upon the environmental impact of healthcare, discussing waste generation by patients and the potential for AI in handling repetitive tasks. She highlights the importance of combining digital transformation with a patient-centric approach, aligning with sustainability goals for a holistic healthcare transformation.

COP 28 and Healthcare

Aline Gómez-Acebo shares insights from COP 28. She emphasizes the significance of addressing both the impact of climate change on healthcare and the healthcare industry’s impact on the climate. Furthermore, the conversation showcases Aline’s multifaceted role in driving impactful sustainability initiatives. There she is leveraging digital transformation, and fostering collaboration to bring about holistic changes in the healthcare sector.