Victor Savevski

Victor Savevski

Leveraging AI & Technology for Healthcare Innovation

In this episode of the podcast, Inga Bergen interviews Victor Savevski, Managing Director Innovation and Artificial Intelligence at Humanitas Healthcare in Milan, Italy, exploring the transformative power of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Technology and AI

The podcast starts with a discussion of Victor Savevski’s journey as a medical engineer. His passion for integrating technology led him into healthcare. In the podcast episode, he highlights its profound impact on patient care and the evolving role of patients as consumers with changing expectations.

Humanitas: Pioneering Innovation in Healthcare

Victor provides an overview of Humanitas, emphasizing its multidisciplinary approach that merges the expertise of physicians and engineers to drive innovation across hospitals, research centers, and educational institutions.

Digital Products and Patient-Centric Care

The conversation explores Humanitas’ development of digital products. Such as patient portals, apps, and e-commerce platforms to enhance the patient experience and improve clinical outcomes. They focus on continuous refinement and expansion. Furthermore, Inga and Victor discuss the integration of telemedicine and virtual care into Humanitas’ services, addressing challenges related to regulations and reimbursement models within Italy’s healthcare system.

Transparency, Quality, and Personalized Medicine

Victor Savevski emphasizes Humanitas’ commitment to transparency and clinical quality, highlighting efforts to publicly communicate outcomes and benchmark against other institutions. Furthermore, the interview also delves into personalized medicine and AI-driven research projects tailored to individual patient needs.

Future Trends in Healthcare Technology

The conversation concludes with a discussion on future trends in healthcare technology. Including value-based healthcare and outcome-oriented approaches, driven by continuous technological advancements. Victor’s insights shed light on the complex challenges and opportunities presented by technological advancements in healthcare, urging a deeper consideration of funding, sustainability, and the long-term impact on the healthcare ecosystem.

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