Nicolas Castoldi

Nicolas Castoldi

– From Vision to Reality: APHP’s Deputy CEO Nicolas Castoldi Unveils Healthcare Innovation Journey

In this enlightening podcast episode, Inga Bergen sits down with Nicolas Castoldi. He is the Deputy Director to the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Hôtel-Dieu initiative at APHP and co-director of the Espace éthique Ile-de-France.

Nicolas Castold and Inga delve into the dynamic world of healthcare innovation. His rich background in basic research and his pivotal role in spearheading innovation projects within APHP provide a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in revolutionizing healthcare delivery.

Navigating Challenges in Healthcare Innovation

Nicolas Castoldi sheds light on the intricate challenges of innovating within the fast-paced environment of a 24/7 hospital. He emphasizes the critical nature of healthcare operations, where precision and efficiency are paramount. Castoldi discusses the pressure on caregivers to maintain continuous care for patients. Furthermore, he discusses the responsibility of support staff to ensure seamless hospital operations. Additionally, he highlights the complexities of integrating new technologies into high-pressure environments and the importance of creating safe spaces for innovation to flourish.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

He elaborates on APHP’s approach to fostering a culture of innovation within the hospital. He emphasizes the significance of creating dedicated spaces where physicians and staff can collaborate with external partners. And therefore foster a culture of open innovation. Castoldi stresses the importance of physicians expressing their needs and insights, fostering effective collaboration with startups and innovators to address challenges effectively. Furthermore, he discusses the crucial role of partnerships and collaboration. He draws from his experience in research centers to promote a partnership culture within the hospital.

Innovation Projects at APHP

Castoldi highlights two exemplary innovation projects at APHP that showcase the hospital’s commitment to driving healthcare innovation forward. He discusses the collaboration with Echopen, a startup that developed a smartphone-connected ultrasound probe for point-of-care use. Castoldi shares insights into the collaborative process between APHP and Echopen, emphasizing the importance of supporting startups from inception to market launch. Additionally, he discusses the collaboration with Nabla, a French startup that developed a tool for generating clinical notes using artificial intelligence. Nicolas Castoldi delves into the practical considerations and implementation process of such innovative tools in hospital environments.

Utilizing AI and Patient Data

He explores APHP’s utilization of AI and patient data, highlighting the importance of research-driven approaches in driving healthcare innovation. He discusses the use of AI tools like Nabla’s Copilot for generating clinical notes and emphasizes the need for testing and experimentation to understand the practical implications fully. Castoldi underscores the importance of safe and controlled spaces for testing AI tools due to data privacy and security concerns.

The Future of Digital Health in France and Europe

Nicolas Castoldi shares his visionary perspective on the future of digital health in France and Europe. In other words, he explains collaboration and innovation on a global scale. He discusses France’s healthcare innovation plan for 2030 and the need for European collaboration in driving healthcare transformation. Castoldi highlights the role of young innovators. Additionally, he comments on the maturity of the biotech field in France. And the importance of a European network of university hospitals in shaping the future of healthcare delivery.

Nicolas Castoldi’s insights provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities in healthcare innovation. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration, research-driven approaches, and patient-centered care. The conversation sheds light on APHP’s innovative initiatives and its pivotal role in shaping the future of healthcare in France and Europe. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation uncovering the transformative power of innovation in healthcare with APHP’s visionary leader, Nicolas Castoldi.

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